Terms and Conditions

Admission conditions

   People will not be allowed to enter or stay inside the establishment in the following circumstances:

  • The capacity has been covered by customers who were already inside the establishment.
  • Outside of the usual hours of the different sales areas of the establishment.
  • The person is a minor according to current regulations.
  • The person acts violently, particularly when he or she behaves aggressively or provokes arguments, causes dangerous situations, or makes other customers or staff uncomfortable.
  • The person carries a weapon or other objects that can be used as such, unless he or she is, in accordance with the provisions of the specific regulations in force, a member of the police and security forces or private bodyguards belonging to private companies, and has accessed the establishment as part of its functions.
  • When the person is consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or presents symptoms of having done so, as well as people who present clear signs of being intoxicated or drunken behavior. Persons who have deliberately damaged the premises, caused conflict or disturbance will be removed from the premises, especially in response to complaints from other customers whose tranquility and privacy are disturbed. In such cases, the hotel may resort to the assistance of the competent police authority.
  • People who, in their right mind, attack, intimidate or humiliate hotel staff will also be removed.
  • People with pets will not be able to enter the establishment, with the exception of people accompanied by guide dogs, in accordance with the Law on the use of guide dogs by people with visual disabilities.
  • Objects other than those common and appropriate for tourists are not allowed in the rooms.
  • Electrical or gas-powered appliances are not allowed in the rooms, with the exception of those used in personal hygiene such as electric shavers, hair dryers, etc., as well as personal computers and similar appliances.

Establishment rules and operation?

  • Clients must pay for the contracted services when they receive their invoice.
  • Personal checks are not accepted as a bill payment method. Rule 07/2012 “Cash limitations” applies: operations for an amount equal to or greater than €1,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency may not be subscribed in cash, either in whole or in part.
  • The Hotel San Nikolas may request a prepayment guarantee by credit card for the contracted services, both for the total cost of the reservation and for possible extras.
  • The establishment has a safe where guests can leave their money and valuables. The hotel is not responsible for the loss or theft of money or valuables left in the room or in the safe inside the room.
  • Hotel hours begin at 2:00 p.m. on the first day of the contracted period, and end at 11:30 a.m. (noon) on the day indicated as the departure date. Clients who wish to extend their occupancy beyond the indicated time, without prior agreement, must pay an additional day to the room price.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Hotel San Nikolas except in designated areas that allow it.
  • Please respect the indications suggested by signs in the Hotel.
  • Clients must present an identification and admission document when the Hotel staff requires it.
  • Self check in, to obtain the Door Opening Code corresponding to your reservation, it is mandatory for the guest to complete and sign the personal information required by the establishment.

Need help?

   Contact us at info@hotelsannikolas.es if you have any questions related to our Conditions.